5 July 2009

Never say Never

The Camera we used for some reason decided to make nearly all our pictures, blurred so theese were the best ones, of what we took..
This outfit you could wear on a night out, to at the day with out the tights.
Gina's Wearing..
Skirt - Primark , Top - 2nd Hand, Blazer - H&M
Brooch - 2nd hand, Tights - primark, Heels - New loook


Angie said...

cute skirt n belt. thanks for your cute comment. they always make me smile. i hope you get you computer fixed soon. i look forward to your next post. toodles.

angie xoxo,

Angie said...

just realized i have no idea which one of you guys this blog belongs to. is it shared blog? sooo confused. either way you guys are both cute!