5 July 2009

A taste of honey

So After it started to rain on Myself and gina attempting to take photo's we decided to take some photo's of the accessories we didn't get to use and ones we havnt used yet.. You can tell we attempted some "photography" here .. :)

I couldnt quite fit all my neclaces on but after a while of the camera Blurring on us, we got irrated and decided to mess around with the camera and take stupid shots of ourselves, so there would have been more.. will take some more when the camera is not blurry.


Maria said...

The blue vintage bag is really cute!!!

Zoƫ said...

All of this is gorgeous!!!

PS the bag is from SESSUN :)

CMA said...

thanks for the comments, this post is to die for
love your style, loving the blog
keep it up!

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Phoebe Rose said...

You've got amazing jewelry! Really cute pics :)