30 May 2009

Tales of Night

THIS OUTFIT we did begin by pulling our faces at unsure of whether it worked or not, But i think it would work well as a casual outfit, for going shopping or to work, as it isnt to "typical white shirt blak skirt", the added green brings out the youth. yet again Thank you Gina, for being my model for the day and looking so pretty.

Gina's Wearing
Top - charity , Skirt - Urban outfitters, Shirt - H&M
Shoes - River Island, Bag - Charity

Ruggid Bow

I absolutely adore this first picture, Gina tied the bow round her head for a joke, but i think it looked really good so got her to keep it on. The dress you could wear both baggy or if you want tight fitting with a belt, for a night out or a day dress with a throw on caridgan and flip flops, then transform to Night with a pair of Killer Heels.

Thank-you Gina
This outfit apart from the Shoes were all second hand, which i feel goes to show it doesnt have to be "designer" or from the best high street shops, there are some amazing things, and gems to be found in the charity shops, as trends loop round.
I found this little gem on another carboot for 50p aswell, i was over the moon an adorable clutch, can honestly say I have never seen one like it ...

Dress - chairtyshop, Belt - Grandma's
Clutch - Carboot, Heels - Newlook
Bow- second hand

What a Day

FINALLY, the sun has arrived, and i took the oppertunity to take some more photo's of my outfits on yet another friend!
This bag i found on a Carboot for 50p , i know i was amazed, even though i do love my big bags, as you can fit everything in there, this one i have to make an exception for i LOVE it.
Gina's Wearing
- Dress - MkOne , Scarf - charityshop,
Belt - Charity, Shoes - New look, Bag - Carboot

Thank youuu GINA for not minding me just shoving you in clothes and shouting pose at you , :) haha.

27 May 2009


well.... last OCTOBER i saw a magazine on the shelf with Alexa Chung on the cover , and felt i had to get it, so this magaine was called ELLE, i had seen it a couple of times before on a friends bedroom but, ever since that one issue i have became obsessed and every month i go to the clostest shop to buy it, even though alot of the items are out of my proce region just the look and smell of it gives of glamour, the glossy pages filled with ideas to inspire you!,

and ooo and it does, but best is the tips & tricks of how to do the In trends. as i hate just wearing something once, becuase youve paid good money for it. I will refuse to throw it away or give iu up, i keep it "just incase" in makes a return in trend!, or incase i decided i want it again!

Here a couple of my favourite Cover issues and some of the pages and trends they are recommending at the minute , hope you enjoy them as much as i did !!!


One of my favourite parts has to be the street style, as that is most like the things im gonna wear here's just a couple for youu to take a look at. source - ELLE.CO.UK

Fancy Footwear

Now that summer is fast approaching!, hopefully anyway, i need to find some new and comfy footwear as i am bored of wearing boots, and good old Dollies, nothing wrong with them, but there constantly on my feet and in summer, im picturing a lovely summers dress with nice sandels or flip-flops so in dire need of some!! I've just looked on Topshop and what a suprise they have some Gorgeous things in stock.

Love at First Sight

Even though all of them are beautiful, My favourite has got to be the bottom pair, which are the most expensive with £40.00 typical, but i also love the Boho looking ones which cost £40.00, infact just looking on the website they all cost £40.00 , so looks like im gonna have to pick my favourite.

21 May 2009

The woman of the moment

URGHH, i have been revising for about 3 hours now history , in the period 1700s, yes it really is as dull as it sounds, and i feel none of it is going in!, so i took a break to grab lunch and try and figure out how you add and get on to other blogs, still slightly confused but i think im getting the hang of it! for once the sun is out in good old Manchester :) , finallly , but yepp im stuck inside revising for my 3 exams comming up in Juneee .

here's some shots of a lady whos style i adore!, and if i could pull of clothes they way she does one day then thats me done :) , here she is the woman of the moment ALEXA CHUNG!!

She started out as a Model now just look at her she is a style icon!, being on T4 simply showed the world her style and how we dont have to reveal all to look sexy and classy , " less is more", Alexa featuring on the front of ELLE October, showed just how nice and genuine she is , aswell of showing off yet again her fabulous Style

20 May 2009


bow shirt - Retro rehab , Skirt- second hand ,
Bag- Second hand , Sunglasses - H&M

my Lovee ..

Wolly Jumper - second hand , Dress- Markone
, shoes- Second hand , Bag - second hand

give me moree..

From the same day, changes in outfit!,
grey wolly tights, Second hand shoes
Second hand bag, MKone Dress
Second hand Blazer

Meet Mee

Photo's taken a couple of months ago, whilst the sun was out for once!!
Wearing- black leggings - dorothy perkins,
Grey skirt & jumper - second hand,
Pop bag-Pop, Hat - H&M, Point Shoes - Topshop/office



The name is Danielle O' Brien , I live in England Manchester. I adore fashion, and most the time i will either be looking at what other people are wearing, or reading about the latest looks on either blogs or Magazines. So this blog is aimed to inspire others out there to see what you can do with your clothes that you already have in your wardrobe, to create new looks & re-create the classic looks. Showing it doesnt always have to be designer or fresh of the high street to get a great look, you can re-vamp your old clothes. Shop in places you may usually avoid such as second hand stores or chairty shops, as believe it or not trends come back around. So chairty shops have the new and the old but at great Prices.