31 March 2013


We went too Liverpool Biennial and took inspiration from Sophie Calle's Hotel room work, where she was a cleaner in a hotel in paris, and when the residents left the room she took photo's of there belongings, and made judgements on what the person was like, from there things. Her photo's and written paragraphs were so interesting it made you read every word.

From there we look at her other work and focused our idea's on Suite venitienne where she met a gentlemen at a party and from there followed him from Paris to Vienna, where she took photo's of him without him knowing.

We took inspiration from this and based a shoot in Manchester, where we followed our model round taking photo's getting her to act naturally, like we weren't there. The results we are really pleased with.


This was one of the first shoots i did in 2nd year!

Location - Preston terrace house Back yard
Model - Sophie Williams
Photographer - Poppy Seddon - Danielle O'Brien

The shoot idea was inspired by Wonderwoman, but we wanted a different take on it. So we all tye died the t-shirts our selves and wanted her in almost "Warrior esk' poses. The fashion editorial would be used for the magazine ID.

University Take Me Away

I haven't posted on my Blog for a while, it's becuase 2nd year of university officaly took over!, i love it and have had some challenges from day 1.

I have done a variety of shoots on my course, and i will be shortly putting them up for you all to see.