28 July 2009

What a SAGA!?

For some people seeing this photo will be all they need to tell them what im about to talk about..
For all of you out there which havn't read or seen Twilight shame on you!, i think it is amazing but even more than that the Cast Namely the "Cullen family", fashion is good and i believe this shows on Photoshoots which they did do last year but i never got around to posting! Such as Vanity fair & Teen Vogue , but for Robert Pattinson which All american girls appear to adore!, his fashion is so stylish he can wear a basic tee and still look sexy! his style for me screams effortless. he can throw on a shirt and blazor , with his greasy yet styled hair! Just love his effortless style!!... Hope you like the photo's :)
Vanity Fair
Even though i have to admitt im not the Biggest Kristin stewart fan , as i think she doesnt bring anything different to the role!, she brings herself, i do quite like her fashion and the statement she tries to make with wearing Converse with pretty much everything.
Cannot tell you just how excited i am for New moon to come out!, I love the cast i think there perfect and the small clips you get on youtube just arnt enough for me!
EEEEEEE.... Bring on November!!


monkey toes said...

i love her style in #2 pic :D

Diary of a Young Designer said...

I'm not really a Twilight fan, lol shame on me. Love the shots though, they are really cute together.


June Paski said...

i love kristen stewart style, shes can combine converse with everything, and i can't wait to seen newmoon :)


Anonymous said...

Jesus danny boy you NEED to see a doctor you have a problem!!! Its a dissssssseeeeasse!!! seek help immediately! hehehe hmmmm anyway when are you gonna post more outfits???XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Style Bird said...

Great photos.

Adela said...

love her black dress!


workhard said...

Still havent watched the movie.. but i really like the pics

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