17 June 2009

Rule Britianna

Britain have churned out some of the Finist designers! , most know world wide and have inspired many around the globe from Vivienne Westwood to Paul smith all have a talent, which they have shared with the world!
all there collections are gorgeous, and shows we can match the runways of Paris and Milan, with the Brit Designers

-Here are a few of my favouritessssss...
Vivienne Westwood-

Love theese Collections, who knew that Alexa Chung was now a model for Vivienne Westwood was news for me, but she looks Gorgeous and T4 days are well and truely behind her.
Even though i rarely wear trousers/shorts im more of a dresses/Skirts kinda person, i've just noticed nearly all the pictures i picked out of this collection involve trousers, wow i love them though.

Paul Smith -

I Adore this collection, there is no set theme through out it, there are florals and plain colours & cuts, all so varied no 2 peices are the same, from only flicking through trying to pick out my favourite ones became tricky!.


♥ fashion chalet said...

Well said, and so true!! Especially Vivienne Westwood (and the Beatles!) :)


Toni Tones said...

preach...so proud

Ruby said...

Found ur blog off Karlas cos of the awesome comment u left! ur v.beautiful! anyway I'm from the US and I'm going to London this summer :) v.excited. can u reccomend any shops??? thanksX

Fashion-Delux said...

ermmm , Ruby .. i live in Manchester which is like 2 hours drive from London but what you guys call Thrift stores we call Charity shops, i rekon you chek out a couple of thoose.

But also go down certain roads in the city centre you hear a alot about places such as

- Liverpool St. has great Vintage shops &
- Bond St - has boutiques i believe.
- Oxford Circus tube. TOPSHOP :)

I suggest you google places, online cos most one off stores and mini vintage shops have websites.