16 June 2009

Fall in Love..

My lesson was canceld last Monday, so we decided to make a trip into town the Northern Quaters, On my trip to Derby University the Lecture there, told me about this great bookshop/magazine shop called Magma.. so on my trip to Town i went in search for this MAGMA!, and found it, I fell in love with it, baring the prices being a little steep, but of course Worthy, i will now be saving my money to Buy theese Mags/Books which i will read front to bak over&over&over...
Here are just a few I reallyyyy Want ...

"Another Fashion Book brings together in one volume extensive
work by the most iconic names in fashion and art photography"

"The first book to embrace the whole of the UK and its creative
influence on international fashion"

"The Ultimate Guide for the Aspiring Fashion Artist-
Illustrated in colour and black and white throughout"

"THE LOOK" - (£20.00)

"The multi-million streetware of the new millenium clothing and image remain as crucial in pop as in music itself"

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karla said...

thanks for the awesome book recommendations- i'm hoping they sell "british fashion designers" on amazon!

thanks for checking out my blog!!