3 January 2010

Road to Joy.

For the University course i want to do, they require a portfolio of work to demonstrate your good enough for the course. So i decided to research and look into Levi's ad campaigns which there were ALOT! i learnt, once i had done my reaserch i decided to carry out my own ad campign.
But with a twist it would only be aimed at girls! becuase when i asked friends& Family if you were to think of Levi's who do you imagine wearing them there answer of course was MEN/BOYS. so i have shown in the shoot how you could work in denim and Levi's into your daily wardrobe, and how each kind of girl can wear it. Here you go.
O and i almost forgot i got to use an early christmas present to take the photo's with my DSLR camera Nikon D3000 soo Excited I LOVE IT!
Combination of her beautiful face and my attempting photography!, i feel we did well THANK YOU gina :)


cla-sib said...

I love what she wears.. and the location is also good picked ;)


ADADEJI! said...

hey this is RACHEL ADADEJI, i really like your blog xxxx
ps: will you marry me?

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iam.mai said...

aww...these are cute photos. what an adorable model and cute styling.

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Danielle Barbe said...

great idea! the photos turned out really well.


Fiona said...

These are awesome pictures! I love the outfits:)

duckalicious said...

great shoot!

london-dreamer said...

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