30 December 2009

At the bottom of everything

OoOoOoOoO .....Were getting closer to 2010, and im so excited not that this year wasnt fun or exciting but 2010 will be soo much better, University, new friends and Yes more exams!
I borrowed some Maniquins from the Charity shop Sue Ryder i volunteer at over the winter holidays and i love them, they have been stood proudly in my room all nicely dressed, so i decided to take some photo's to show you! I love the mix in materials and colours.



Wearing Leggings - H&M (my christmas present of my sister!) t-shirt second hand store, scarf charity shop. this was my stay in outfit that my friend snapped me in!.
Here's the last outfit.. this i love but looks far better on the manaquin then it did on me! and Nika can vouch for that!, i love that skirt to bits. H&M
HAHA, this photo made me smile when i saw it so here you go.. Have a great NEW YEAR what
ever your doing
& Thank you as always for following and stopping by my blog.

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