21 May 2009

The woman of the moment

URGHH, i have been revising for about 3 hours now history , in the period 1700s, yes it really is as dull as it sounds, and i feel none of it is going in!, so i took a break to grab lunch and try and figure out how you add and get on to other blogs, still slightly confused but i think im getting the hang of it! for once the sun is out in good old Manchester :) , finallly , but yepp im stuck inside revising for my 3 exams comming up in Juneee .

here's some shots of a lady whos style i adore!, and if i could pull of clothes they way she does one day then thats me done :) , here she is the woman of the moment ALEXA CHUNG!!

She started out as a Model now just look at her she is a style icon!, being on T4 simply showed the world her style and how we dont have to reveal all to look sexy and classy , " less is more", Alexa featuring on the front of ELLE October, showed just how nice and genuine she is , aswell of showing off yet again her fabulous Style


nikky said...

alexa chung's outfits are always the perfect ensemble.

& great start to your blog.
exchange links?


Fashion-Delux said...

heyy thank you :)

erm question? what does exchange links meann? probably soundss so saddd but i dont know