30 May 2009

Tales of Night

THIS OUTFIT we did begin by pulling our faces at unsure of whether it worked or not, But i think it would work well as a casual outfit, for going shopping or to work, as it isnt to "typical white shirt blak skirt", the added green brings out the youth. yet again Thank you Gina, for being my model for the day and looking so pretty.

Gina's Wearing
Top - charity , Skirt - Urban outfitters, Shirt - H&M
Shoes - River Island, Bag - Charity


Anonymous said...

Loving the blog danny boy! its very cool! gina looks goood (as always) I look repulsive (as always) I *heart* your styling geniusxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

ooo forgot to say I went into a leather frenzy on ebay and bought some leather pants (yes they are awesome!) and some leather shorts which are also rather snazzy me thinks you'll love 'em!all i need now is leather socksxxxxx (ps sorry for commenting twice! hope you don't mind)