3 November 2009

The geeks were right.

Since it was a typical English weather , had to take some photo's inside.
Hope you all had a good Halloween! I me and three friends went to a party dresses as charlies Angles was alot of fun! Gina & both decided to wear dresses, ddint realise they were both floral untill i looked back on the photo's. But were wanting to get the most out of our summer dresses before winter finally hits! and we have to layer and wrap up warm.
Gina's wearing - 2nd hand floral dress, brown vintage belt & second hand boots.
I'm wearing - Charity shop dress, Brown second hand belt, Black peacocks boots, Ring carboot.


Melisssaa said...

danielleeeee i loveee this it's so good! you both look gorrrrgeous in your floral dresses
the last one of you is realllly nice it looks like an i-D cover!
lovely once againnnn :)
lots of loveeeeexxxx

Jasmine Laini Meaden said...

You have some gorgeous dresses & very cute style :) x

Anonymous said...

Here is that websitey thingy about Alexa I was informing you about over cornflake cake the other day :) http://fuckyeahalexachung.tumblr.com/
There. Now you can satisfy your need for your Alexa fix.

eww my room smells of rotting fruit. Mainly cause I've got a glass of smoothie in here from last week which has developed a green fuzzy coat :( (sorry i realise that information was completely irrevelant but its 1.06 AM and nobody wants to hear about rotting smoothies at 1 AM and i felt I had to share it with someone.

Brad Paige said...

Love this post!The floral dresses are great and the styling as usual was perfect! i love your blog because its so real no added glamorousness or fakeness just real girls with style! loving it.

Oh and i have 2 new posts so check them out!


thanks for the comment dear!!
omg I love the colour of your hair!
It's the color I want my hair to dye.
u have a really cool blog, too!
keep on rocking. I'm gonna follow u ;)


Nerdic.. said...

I love the ring!
x, fashion-nerdic.

cupcake♥trash said...

really digging the blue floral dress. it is super cute.


Violet said...

love both looks! that black vest shag thing is crazy i want it!!

Vi from Cali

rosie said...

floral dresses are the best! you look lovely in 'em! ;-)

p.s. i lovvvee that song by the faint, great taste in music too!

thank you for checking out my new blog, appreciate it. lemme know if you wanna swap links! i like ur blog, following u now! :-)

have a great day!


Domonique said...

Love the pics! and that wall.....wow.

Just Angie said...

thanks for the comment. still lovin your blog. dont know if you noticed but i nominated you for a blog award. go check it out.

Jamie said...

Great blue dress! And your wall is amazing!!

Noelle + Kendall said...

Cute dresses! they make me miss summer!


Mila said...

That dress is perfect!LOVE!

Fashion Wh0re said...

That wall is just great all the pics and the outfits are cute..Cool blog check out my blog and if you like it follow me

alexababyface said...

the ring!:x

Julie said...

hey, you have also a great blog !
and this is a great post ! I love your clothes ! xx