20 September 2009

One more time with feeling.




Before we went out for the night, i got my too good friends Nika ( Black hair) & Gina ( Fringe) to take some photo's of our outfits!, things they will do for me :) , we had such fun again them playing dress up for me real life Maniquins they were for me. Love both of there outfits!
As we found taking photo's in the dark is much harder than it looks!, Thank you guys for helping me out you both look Beautiful as per!x
Nika's Wearing - Stripe top-2nd hand, Black Jacket-Gina's, Heels-Vintage, Bag-Urban outfitters
Gina's Wearing - Black boob tube-Topshop, Waistcoat- 2nd hand, Shoes - Vintage, Bag- 2nd hand
Im Wearing- Shirt- 2nd hand, shorts- D.I.Y, Boots-Gina's, neclace - Au Naturale


Violet said...

oh your blog is so cute would be honored to exchange links... love the pictures... what camera do you use?

Vi from Cali

kenza said...

So pretty! I like the shoes :)

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dapper kid said...

How wonderfully fun! I am loving your shirt and that necklace dear. And oooh the shoes at the end are both fabulous. Hope you're having a beautiful weekend :)

Malu said...

wow, I love this post!
Great blog:D


Style Crusader said...

love the patterned tights!

Pina Colada Kisses said...

Like the shoes...
Check out my fashion blog and follow for updates

rani said...

ha!! your style in these pics just inspired me, recently i just pulled my old collection of lolita pieces given by my japanese friend, and the top is similar as your blue blouse.. love how you combine it with the hotpants :D