31 August 2009

Oh lady be good.

Last week i was sorting through my room and came across theese trousers, which i decided i must do a post on, so when me Friends Tilly&Caitlin came round i decided to put Caitlin in them, it was a risk but i feel they look soo good. so Thank-you both of you, Both did a good job ;)


We had such fun taking theese photo's from trying to stop laughing to have tokeep dodging the cars comming down the road!
I really LOVED caitlins outfit!
I'm Wearing & Caitlins Wearing
Tee - 2nd hand, Belt - Carboot, Skirt - 2nd hand , Leggings - new look, Boots - Topshop
Vest - mens primark , Trousers - second hand , Boots - peacock, Bag - Second hand.


Anonymous said...

wel danielle uve doine it again...ur choice of models...inspired ;) x

Smelly Cat said...

you both look great :]
thanks so much for the comment!

elena said...

love your pics, great style.


clash of cooper said...

i love how both of the outfits are super unique! kudos to the photographer :)
you ladies look like rockstars


Miss Head Over Heels said...

I like your style. :)


Elaine said...

They remind me of pirate pants! But you pull them off SO well. They'd totally look piratey on me....

Galit - Lynn Stiklaro said...

wow, you have a lovely blog!!

love your outfit :)

Couture Carrie said...

Love both your looks!


Fashion Cappuccino said...

Both of you have great oufits on! I love those striped pants so much! xxoxo

Angie said...

love these pics. you and your friend look really cute. havent checked you blog in awhile but now i think im a follower. these pics are sooo my style. rocker. so yeah im a follower.

angie xoxo

Damsels said...

thanks for posting those .theyre awesome !

Miss Glenn said...

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Jennifer said...

Awesome blog! I love your style & your hair looks amazing :D What colour is that? Sort of "plum" yeah? I'm thinking of doing something like that :D

Like to trade links?

xox Jennifer

dapper kid said...

Woah those striped trousers look so cool!! Hope you're having a lovely day dear :)

Yuka said...

ooo yes i love the trousers!

mom & son said...

i love the candid shot of you guys laugh.
gorgeous ladies!


Noelle + Kendall said...

we really love your outfits
you girls look fab!

-N + K

Angie said...

hey its me again. still lovin these pics. thanks for YOUR 'loverly' comment. totally made me smile like a crocodile..... love ya for becoming a follower. its much appreciated. cant wait til your next post. later.

Clara said...

beautiful photos!
i love your pants!!


mt said...

both styles are cool :D love em xo